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Our Mission

Our Mission

Boomtown focuses on the development and production of original multimedia entertainment for worldwide distribution. By equally balancing creative content, market demographics, and sound business analysis, our production team develops independent films, film franchises, fiction novels, television series, and other multimedia that translates to global audiences. 

We are proud to create local multimedia jobs in Houston and increase the economic development of our city, while capitalizing on an underutilized area with abundant financial resources and industry professionals.

Our creative process puts you front and center in the plot. We create original content with you in mind. Our films and novels are designed to grab your attention and keep you entertained until the credits roll. Each story we produce is chosen through a meticulous process that measures excitement, adventure, emotion, and connectivity to provide you with the best entertainment experience possible.

We believe the best stories are easy to visualize. Imagination is powerful. Films provide stunning visuals and breathtaking moments for us to enjoy, but books give us personalized visual interpretations of our individual experiences as we read. Boomtown Publishing focuses on releasing fiction novels to excite you with action-packed adventures, bring your emotions to the surface with dramatic story lines, and share laughter with the characters. A reader's personal experience is enhanced by their imagination's visualization of the story. Boomtown Motion Pictures' productions are based on original novels and scripts, and we take great care in creating a film that lives up to the story. From our novels to our movies, our mission is to bring your imagination to life!

Our development process balances audience, creative, and profit parameters to analyze the income and marketability of each product. By taking into account the eight major entertainment territories across the globe, similar product performances in those areas, and the creative strength of the property, we are able to build an overall picture of our profit to cost ratio. This greenlight analysis, in addition to reading market trends and conditions, puts us at the forefront of entertainment revenue acquisition. The Boomtown Model focuses on the creation of one property at a time, allowing us to collect multiple revenue streams for an average of one generation per property, and overlap those properties with endless others.

We focus on building smart business models and strategies for creative one-off independent films, film franchises potentially capable of unlimited auxiliary income, and thrilling novels that captivate the imagination. Each investment structure is prepared with individual exit strategies and sales projections based on similar worldwide product and demographic analysis. Film slate investments offer mitigated risk and increased return on investment due to the ability to spread the investments over multiple products, offering partnership interests with the industry's top studios, distribution companies, and agencies. Many companies are able to produce quality films and novels, but Boomtown Motion Pictures will always strive to create extraordinary entertainment that relate to people on personal, engaging, and adventurous levels. And those levels translate to tiered profits for many years to come.