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Unique Investments


Unique Investments

Film and literary investments offer extremely lucrative returns. Our business model is specifically designed to mitigate risk and increase revenue through portfolio diversification, as well as return up to 80% of negative costs before the release of our products in the worldwide marketplace.

We focus on building smart business models and strategies for creative one-off independent films, film franchises potentially capable of unlimited auxiliary income, and thrilling novels that captivate the imagination. Each investment structure is prepared with individual exit strategies and sales projections based on similar worldwide product and demographic analysis. Film slate investments offer mitigated risk and increased return on investment due to the ability to spread the investments over multiple products, offering partnership interests with the industry's top studios, distribution companies, and agencies. Many companies are able to produce quality films and novels, but Boomtown Motion Pictures and Boomtown Publishing will always strive to create extraordinary entertainment that relate to people on personal, engaging, and adventurous levels. And those levels translate to tiered profits for many years to come.

The Boomtown Model will compete on a global scale with similar production companies, major Hollywood studios, and publishers. To mitigate risk, we will partner with major studios to co-finance and distribute our films, and established publishing companies for content analysis and distribution of our novels. Instead of going head-to-head with the big boys, we join them as allies, side-by-side, due to our aligned interests. This level of collaboration gains us access to their distribution arms, worldwide sales networks, and industry political influence.

We thrive on innovation. Innovation is not a series of sparse big breakthroughs, but rather a constant state of being that a company must work with every day. With this mindset we will maintain a steady stream of innovation. We must objectively see what is missing and adapt to fulfill that need for both consumers and investors alike. This is where the Boomtown Model comes into play. We keep a balance of 50% Creative and 50% Business Acumen throughout our development processes, enabling us to provide our consumers with the entertainment they crave and deserve, while delivering high rates of return to our investors. By investing intelligently, we are able to access a wide network of distributors and international sales agents to either bolster our budgets, or return investments through pre-sale agreements. In addition to pre-sales revenue, we will also produce films in states and countries that offer cash-back rebates and/or tax benefits upon the completion of filming. Each film will bring the benefit of marketing certain commercial products in conjunction with the storyline, which will result in returns from product placement by major companies. Together, our pre-sale model, state and/or country incentives, and product placement revenues enables us to return up to 80% of the negative cost of a film before it is ever released to consumers in the worldwide marketplace.