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Planning & Analysis


Planning & Analysis

Each project we develop is put through an extensive greenlight analysis. By maintaining a delicate balance between market performance and creative content, our in-depth development process allows us to prove advance profit-to-cost ratios of at least 2:1 before projects are chosen.

We define our market as the financing, production and distribution of entertaining multimedia products and services used by consumers around the world with an emphasis on demographic ages 14-39. Boomtown is working to capitalize on the global dynamics and economy of the entertainment marketplace, and to build our catalog of products that return overlapping revenues in a myriad of mediums. Consumer demand for Hollywood content has sustained the industry’s above average growth over the past decade. The expansion of the domestic and foreign digital media markets and the stable performance of films at the box office have led to a remarkable growth in revenues, estimated at a 10% year-over-year increase from 2001 through 2012.

Our development process balances audience, creative, and profit parameters to analyze the income and marketability of each product. By taking into account the eight major entertainment territories across the globe, similar product performances in those areas, and the creative strength of the property, we are able to build an overall picture of our profit to cost ratio. This greenlight analysis, in addition to reading market trends and conditions, puts us at the forefront of entertainment revenue acquisition. The Boomtown Model focuses on the creation of one property at a time, allowing us to collect multiple revenue streams for an average of one generation per property, and overlap those properties with endless others.