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Creative Ideas


Creative Ideas

Boomtown Motion Pictures and Boomtown Publishing are dedicated to the production of original story ideas. Films and novels provide endless worlds of entertainment, and our mission is to create adventurous, captivating tales for our audiences. We are storytellers first and foremost.

All great stories begin with a single, exciting idea. Authors cultivate and nurture their creativity from a small seed of concept into vast worlds for us to explore. The truly amazing films and novels in which we lose ourselves for hours on end contain key elements that trigger the emotions and excitement that make us feel alive. We delve into alternate realities, searching for a connection to the hero, fighting against an evil villain, or realizing a love we never knew existed. As storytellers, our goal is to make you feel. To connect all of us to something bigger than ourselves. In the spirit of the literary greats of the past, we hope to lead you into these worlds and experience them with you, guiding you to nurture the seed of creativity as the story blossoms.

Our creative process puts you front and center in the plot. We create original content with you in mind. Our films and novels are designed to grab your attention and keep you entertained until the credits roll. Each story we produce is chosen through a meticulous process that measures excitement, adventure, emotion, and connectivity to provide you with the best entertainment experience possible.

We believe the best stories are easy to visualize. Imagination is powerful. Films provide stunning visuals and breathtaking moments for us to enjoy, but books give us personalized visual interpretations of our individual experiences as we read. Boomtown Publishing focuses on releasing fiction novels to excite you with action-packed adventures, bring your emotions to the surface with dramatic story lines, and share laughter with the characters. A reader's personal experience is enhanced by their imagination's visualization of the story. Boomtown Motion Pictures' productions are based on original novels and scripts, and we take great care in creating a film that lives up to the story. From our novels to our movies, our mission is to bring your imagination to life!